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And I am back — to complete the listicle that I left off. Midway. Abruptly. While I enjoy sharing ideas, I also want some pieces of the journey included in my articles for my sake more than anything else. I wish to learn more about the person I was when I was putting all this together when I reflect on these perhaps 10, 15, or 20 years from now. The truth is — I didn’t feel like completing the article when I was only three points in, but I still wanted to post for a feel-good factor. I wanted to…

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The 5G revolution will impact our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Faster internet speeds and greater reliability in connectivity will change facets of customer experience with e-commerce and retail as well. The hope is that new products and services emanating from this will take our communities to the next level. Here are 10 overarching themes within which 5G will drive change and create value for the e-commerce and retail industries:

More people online

The amount of time that each individual could potentially be online will increase since disruptions are cut down. Higher network reliability ensures that. Additionally, within this increased…

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2021 will mark a significant year for 5G Drones as data transmission capabilities uplift them to the next stage of their evolution

5G and drones are two things that are industry agnostic in the spaces they can impact and are thus ripe for disrupting industries together. As other technologies such as blockchain, AI, internet of things (IoT), etc. evolve simultaneously, there is massive potential in the aforementioned partnership.

The 5G and drone connect

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks and speed is its standout feature. 5G networks leverage higher radio frequencies to transfer larger amounts of data at faster speeds. …

Watching sports without fans occupying stadiums will feel like a lull before the storm as 5G innovation will enable disruptive transformation in 2021

5G technology will impact every industry in different ways. The great thing is that various sectors will come together to create unprecedented value. We shall see innovative projects that would almost seem like humans are transcending into another dimension with their capabilities. Let us look at seven ways how the streaming (OTT) industry will collaborate with the sports industry by leveraging the 5G technology to drive disruptive innovation for the fans.

Innovation with pricing models

Pay per view events will have a new pricing model. Typically when events have started, the ticket price reduces to fill in the empty seats. This is the infrastructure…

Necessity is the mother of invention; pandemic is the mother of digital transformation. At least that is what 2020 will be known as.

Hot sauce brand Cholula partnered with builder of touch-free smart home products simplehuman to launch the hands-free hot sauce dispenser. I would urge you to not just look at the product but what all it alludes to in terms of ideation, branding, customer experience, as well as the technologies that can be combined here to augment such as offering and thereby create more value. …

The telecommunications industry affects most things, and here are 7 ideas that will garner much attention in 2021 because of advancements in telecom and 5G.

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2020 has been a tough year for the entire world. Everyone has been affected. One of the common elements in pulling us through this pandemic has been the resilience of telecom networks worldwide. While 2020 was about pivoting around transacting through digital avenues, 2021 could be something more in a variety of ways. Here are 7 reasons why:


Some people are already attesting to having more interest in playing video games than watching videos.

5G technology will allow entrepreneurial opportunities as the relationship between fans and sports evolves

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In my previous article, I discussed how the home viewing experience for fans would change with 5G technology being introduced into the media and entertainment landscape. As a follow-up to that and in the interest of continuing this series, albeit a little later than I promised, I shall cover in this article some opportunities that will pop up and what could a startup or an aspiring entrepreneur do and think about.

Think about Netflix. It has been made possible by better streaming capabilities and things going…

Didn’t get tickets? Don’t sweat it. The house seat will be surprisingly great.

The Change

The above picture is a sample of what one can expect in 5G stadiums or arenas where people can watch sports or entertainment events in enhanced environments. If you are not at the actual stadium watching the real thing in front of you, then with 5G you will have excellent alternatives.

When technology starts turning our heads toward malice, the players most passionate about that technology sphere will push harder to make things right.

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Technology can have a dark side. This has always been the case. While nuclear energy seems to be one of the answers to help curb the use of fossil fuels, it has also been responsible for massive devastation. The scope for yet much more damage via nuclear power remains at the mercy of human maliciousness.

Let us shift from energy to something that is staring you in the face — social media. Did you know that all…

5G technology will disrupt industries. Here is how it could impact the food services industry.

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5G technology will be revolutionary as it will allow wireless networks in cities to be consistent in the delivery of high speeds for the enactment of tasks. While envisioning what all could be possible, we need to understand the core overarching components that will change in terms of the design of a business concept. One of these components is the possibility of tasks getting accomplished with the toggling of signals through a wireless network. …

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