How a $15 Billion Buyout Can Inspire Your Next Startup Venture — Startup Concepts borne out of M&A: Part 1

Shubbankar Singh
19 min readSep 24, 2023

Toshiba has been sold, and the entrepreneur in you could probably profit from it if you approach your next 3–5 years strategically

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Sorry for being MIA — again. Lame, I know. Let us get straight into it then — because I don’t have a good excuse ;-) !! I can just cross my fingers and hope that I will be regular this time. If I were you, however, I wouldn’t hold my breath though, lol !!

Trying something a little different with this article. In this piece — I shall explore ideas borne out of the specific mergers and acquisition story between Toshiba and Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), and I hope that it provides some creative value at the least. I shall discuss here — what are some ideas that could or probably would in future come of this acquisition by Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) of Toshiba. Future has no time frame here — so the world is my oyster, it is all blue sky thinking and so my ludicrous optimism gets pumped. Some ideas could be what you call outlandish — but I hope that helps you get some creative juices flowing.

Think about how you can use these to start building something or even position something that you are already working on to this alliance now or their competition in a B2B strategy, or even target their customers with an offering that is better than their’s in a B2C strategy. So here are 15 ideas based on prospective synergies that Toshiba and JIP might yield after this “takeover”.

1. Quantum-Protected Smart Contact Lenses

Combine quantum encryption with flexible display for ultra-secure visual computing on-the-go.

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  • Contact lens technology is advancing to integrate sensors and circuits for health monitoring. (Source: Science Advances, “A soft, smart contact lens for wireless health monitoring,” 2019)
  • Quantum encryption could help ensure biometric data privacy for lens users. (Source: Nature Photonics, “Quantum cryptography,” 2019)



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