Who knew Everlane’s values could drive disruption and flip the fashion industry narrative

How the Behind the Label Strategy enabled a thriving, loyal customer base

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Why I love this story? It is because it tells anyone aspiring to build a business or startup or anyone that has one already — that you don’t need to always depend on technology for innovation and disruption. Is there a way you think about things that is not the norm in any industry? What is your different insight? Does your empathy give you leverage on how you think a customer might want to interact or experience a product? All these things matter in business.

The fashion industry, for decades, has thrived on exclusivity. From the restricted entry to haute couture runway shows to the mystique surrounding luxury labels, the allure was always about what you didn’t know. But what happens when a brand decides to turn this age-old script on its head? Enter Everlane, a company that’s redefining the industry with a simple yet radical premise: transparency.

A Visionary Founder

When Michael Preysman, the founder of Everlane, boldly declared he’d rather shutter his doors than host a runway show, many eyebrows were raised. Mr.Preysman wanted to ensure he didn’t prey on the unsuspecting customer (ok, agreed that was a bad dad joke — but daughter’s day just went by and I am still in that cringe jokey mood, lol ;-)).

In an era where every brand seemed to be clamouring for the spotlight, here was a leader willingly stepping away from it. However, Preysman wasn’t opting for obscurity; he was championing clarity.

Transparency: Beyond a Buzzword

In the era of greenwashing and superficial brand missions, Everlane took ‘transparency’ from being a mere buzzword to an actionable strategy. Unlike its competitors, who cloaked their manufacturing and pricing processes in secrecy, Everlane laid it all bare.

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Each product, from a basic tee to a chic tote, comes with a detailed breakdown of costs. Consumers…



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