Dropbox’s Looming Telco Treasure Chest

Unearthing Dropbox’s Powerful Synergies To Ignite A Multi-Million-Dollar Revenue Surge

Shubbankar Singh


In this piece, I am looking to explore partnership opportunities that Dropbox could go after when it comes to the telecom industry. I have explored three particular products that Dropbox has and tried to come up potential spaces where creative small business ideas and tech startup ideas could flourish, and where they (Dropbox) and their teams could intervene for additional revenues.

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Telecom use #1 — Integration of large file delivery into telco messaging and communication apps for improved digital customer experience

Use Case:

A film production company needs to send large video files to their editing team, who are working remotely. By integrating Dropbox’s large file delivery feature into the telco’s messaging and communication app, the production company can send these files directly through the app without the need for third-party services or worrying about file size limitations. This innovation strategy enhances the customer experience design, ultimately leading to better customer experience management.

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Go-to-Market Plan:

  1. Collaborate with telcos to develop the integration, and create a roadmap for launching the large file delivery feature as part of their customer experience strategy.
  2. Conduct surveys and gather industry-specific data to identify pain points in large file sharing, which will help tailor the messaging for target customers.
  3. Organize webinars and live demos showcasing the seamless integration and benefits of using large file delivery within telco messaging and communication apps.
  4. Partner with industry influencers and key opinion leaders to promote the feature through sponsored content, social media takeovers, and testimonials.



Shubbankar Singh

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