3 Startups founded last week (Vol.1)

Dexla, PipeClose and Technicaly

Shubbankar Singh


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Trying to give a brief overview of recent startups. I know I have tried to start a series like this before as well and failed to continue to product content. I am hoping this time it will be different.

My objective with this series and most of the writing I do (except for the mental health pieces) is to drive ideas for the ones executing or wanting to execute. Reading what kinds of startups people are building does help I feel. Without any more dillydallying, let me get into it already :-) !!


Everyone wants to test things out quickly. Those Startup founders that have designs and data prepared can develop a webapp quickly with Dexla. Feel free to check out their website here.


A low-code web app builder that uses your Figma artefacts for design and API endpoints for data to help you deploy your front end quickly with the provision for eventual scalability for the front end.


Any founder that wants to get the feel of their product into the minds of their customers would be a prospect. It is a pity that most big organizations don’t have small teams looking to test things out often. The ones that do would also be customers for this.

Source: https://www.dexla.io

Value Proposition

  • Speed to market
  • Deployed in React
  • Eventual scalability
  • Multiple deployment options — Azure, Docker and Dexla itself
  • Secure from data perspective (this is now table stakes — you do need to build it though no matter what)

My $0.02

They are off to a great start. They already have a few customers going by the testimonials on their website. They have a clear value proposition and a focused target as their customer. It is easy to get these things wrong. They have a clear understanding of what they have built and why they have built it. It is hard to comment on pricing without…



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