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Uber may have made the wrong call in unifying SignUp and Login. Here is why.

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Did Uber make a mistake unifying SignUp and Login? I think so.

Uber has data and experience within its teams that I can hardly fathom let alone compete against. Thus, take my opinions with a pinch of salt — but here they are anyway :-) !! Here is the awesomely laid out blog from Uber Engineering regarding this. For what its worth — I love going through the engineering blogs of various tech companies and if you are interested in technology and building your technical acumen, you should go through them a few times a month as well. Anyway, back to the article now.

Background of why Uber got to a point of taking a decision for this

When companies grow and start splitting into multiple lines of businesses (LOBs), various calls have to be made and bets revisited (says the armchair VC in me anyway, lol). This is because teams are more likely to over-index on the downside to current functionality, existing processes, used technology, and decisions that have been made — all of which they may or may not have been part of at the outset. When that happens, you don’t have the entire context of why any decisions made worked so well and may have also been taken with the long-term view in mind.

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Coming to Uber — they now have tried so many things and many of them have worked well — such that now they have more LOBs than they would want to maintain separately. From their blog:

“Over the years we’ve built independent signup and login experiences for each of our lines of business which allowed us to innovate and move a lot quicker. However, as we scaled and added additional lines of business, our experiences began to diverge leading to some of these inconsistencies being amplified.”

This is the primary reason why shifting from the earlier stance might be a mistake. Having separation allowed them to “innovate and move a lot quicker”. Let us dive into individual problems they mention they were running into.

Inconsistency in your experience



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